Tailored to individual requirements, these events provide the perfect platform to encourage team skills, awareness, communication, management styles, strategic planning and leadership.  Nothing can compare with a group of individuals working together with a common aim to become one strong team.



 Sailing a yacht blindfolded requires precise
communication skills from the team

 It takes a strong team to achieve the best
results and sailing is an ideal platform
to get the best from your team.

Example of our team challenge sailing events in the UK

Team sailing events can be carried out over one day or as many days as required.

Here is an example of a 2 days team challenge event in the Solent, UK: - 

We will provide any number of yachts with fully qualified skippers who are experienced in working with corporate people and committed to meeting your own objectives. These events are highly rewarding and achieve the desired results.
For example, our 40' yachts will take up to 7 people per team and offer excellent accommodation on board.


These Challenge Events are highly enjoyable and designed to meet your specific requirements while focusing on the key areas of building strong and effective teams and developing the skills of the individuals taking part.

Building your team, your strengths and your success. 
 Highly rewarding for the individuals and the whole team. 
This is an interactive programme where the teams work closely together to achieve a common goal.

team_sailing  skippers_briefing

                                    PREPARATION IS EVERYTHING                                          TEAM BRIEFING

( This example is for more than one yacht being involved)
Programmes can vary to suit individual requirements.
Team Sailing events can be organised as one day programmes or up to as many days as required.


Arrive on the evening before the challenge event for a night on board. Meet at the marina where your skipper greets you with a warm welcome. An evening meal can be taken on board or ashore in any of the excellent locations in the area.

Day 1
08.30 Breakfast on board
09.30 Set sail. Each member of the team will be allocated various tasks and we immediately begin to focus on "teamwork" and plan for the forthcoming events.
During the morning the teams will familiarise themselves with their yachts and practice sailing tactics under the supervision of their skippers.
12.30 Lunch. This can be taken ashore or on board. At this time we discuss the morning's progress and give feedback.
The teams continue to build their strategies and improve their team skills to sail their yachts as skilfully as possible. This is the final preparation for the race tomorrow.
17.30 The day ends with a feedback and de-briefs between the team/s and their skipper/s. We will go ashore for the evening to dine and enjoy the competitive spirit established between the teams. We will spend the night aboard the yachts.

DBI-Regata-2010-Greece-023 DBI regatta 2011.5


Day 2.
08.30 Breakfast, either on board or ashore.
09.45 We set out to the start line to begin the Challenge race.
10.15 The challenge starts
The course will have been set during the previous evening by the skippers. This will be a challenge race around a pre-selected course.
13.00 Lunch will be taken on board during the race
16.00 The challenge ends and we return to the marina for prize giving and celebrations

Includes the following:-
• Yachts: We will supply any number of yachts required for your event each with comfortable accommodation.
• Skippers: Each yacht will have a professional DBI skipper
• Waterproofs: Each team member/crew will be given a set of sailing waterproofs
• Breakfast: Provided on board
• Yachts provisions: Each yacht will be supplied with soft drinks and snacks to cover the whole event.
• Lunches: Our “Regatta” lunches can be provided on board during the event if required
• Mooring fees: Mooring fees will be covered by DBI for any overnight stays when away from our home port
• Trophies: “Winners” trophies will be presented to the winning team

Additional requirements

In the event that you require transportation to collect your team/s from any destination, we are able to organise this with sufficient notice.
Hotels: Can be arranged if required with reasonable notice. Prices are available on request.
Photographer: Our photographer is available with power boat, if required.
Overnight stay: Prior to an event, the teams can arrive the night before.
Team/crew shirts and merchandise: We can provide team shirts, sailing caps and any company banners for advertising your company brand. At least 4 weeks notice is required for this. If this is a requirement, please send us your company logo on a CD.

What to bring:

  • Suitable clothing for a sailing event
  • Deck shoes or trainers
  • T- Shirts, fleece tops
  • Jeans or similar
  • Shorts
  • Hats
  • Wash kit/towel
  • Change of clothes for going ashore. (casual)
  • Sun cream

learningtosail2 DBI crew_Antigua_sailing_week_2004


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