This is a team development programme specifically designed for people in business.

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The group is split into teams. Each team will be responsible for starting its own business. Each team member will be appointed with a position within their company. The teams have a set time in which they must decide how they are going to make a presentation to a panel of potential investors. They understand that they need the investors to launch their business. Without this, they will fail.

The teams are filmed as they work together to develop their strategy and then present their case to the panel.

The panel will ultimately decide which business presentation and proposition is the most attractive investment and award points to each team.
The team with the highest number of points wins the day and is rewarded.

Depending on budgets, the reward to the winning team can be anything from a trophy to a first class incentive reward package organised on your behalf by DBI.

For the employer, this programme provides a unique opportunity to analyse who are the key performers and those who may benefit from further development within your business.

The programme is most effective with groups of 6 people or more.

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